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Cougar Promise Scholarship

The Cougar Promise Scholarship was founded on the belief that any African American that is motivated and in need should have the opportunity to further his/her education. The Cougar Promise Scholarship aims to remove some of the financial burdens associated with college, in which the scholarship plays a vital role in increasing college access to minorities. All Cougar Promise Scholars are asked to give back in some capacity through community service or mentoring others.


Recipient must be a graduating senior from Amos P. Godby high school from a low socio-economic background (verification will be aligned with the Leon County income limits for HCV guidelines found HERE). Submission of the most recent W-2 of the parent / legal guardian will also be required), with a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.00 and nominated by the L3 committee. Recipients must also have proof of acceptance and enrolled in an accredited institution of Higher Learning (Community College or University) prior to receiving the scholarship.


Applicant must be an African American student who is a first-generation college student who has been accepted into a two-year or four-year university and has an interest in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, or Real Estate. Recipient must be able to meet the requirement to maintain a minimum course load of four classes per semester, the equivalent of 12 semester hours, with a cumulative GPA average of 3.0 for all core courses. The applicants GPA will be verified each semester prior to the disbursement of their stipend.


The deadline to submit the application is 5/10/2022. 



Natalie Rackley Parrish is a technology implementer and consultant who has worked extensively with corporate, profit, non-profit and academic entities. With over 25 years of accounting experience, her focus for the last 11 years has been in the design, development, and implementation of Workday Financials for both public, nonprofit, and sports & recreation sectors. Prior to implementing Workday, one of her primary focuses were on Analysis, Fit/Gap, and Design, for PeopleSoft Financials implementations. In addition, Natalie possesses extensive experience working with Higher Education institutions and assisting with extensive Business Process Design and Reengineering work.


Ms. Parrish’s innovative approach, coupled with her highly sought-after consulting style that helps build equitable and safe spaces for the advancement of top diverse talent has afforded her the opportunity to be the CEO of Consulting Together, LLC a consulting firm with experienced independent Workday professionals who helps businesses achieve unique goals. Natalie’s vision is simple: to be an industry-leader in helping businesses foster productive, inclusive, and equitable workplaces everywhere. Natalie’s current philanthropic initiatives are to further diversity, inclusion, and equity, by creating scholarships to support underserved populations and develop culturally competent policies. 

About the Founder

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