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Accountability: Myths, Mistakes, and Tips

This week we will be discussing taking accountability. There are many different ways to take accountability for your actions, and there are also some myths and mistakes that occur when thinking about or trying to hold yourself accountable. We will discuss how to get through some of those hurdles so you can become your best self.

5 Myths:

MYTH #1: It means you're punished when you don't do what you needed to.

TRUTH: Accountability should not be a punishment. Accountability is just taking responsibility for your actions, so when you mess up you take responsibility for that. It should not be seen as a punishment.

MYTH #2: Being accountable means you have all the answers.

TRUTH: Being accountable for your actions doesn’t mean that you have the answers for everything that will happen in the future. You are just taking responsibility for your actions now, not thinking that you know everything that will take place after.

MYTH #3: Some people are born accountable. TRUTH: Accountability is something that people have to learn. People are not just born accountable; it is a skill that must be cultivated.

MYTH #4: It's focused on the negatives.

TRUTH: Accountability is not focused on the negatives. Many people can see it in a negative light due to having to hold themselves responsible if they mess up, but it is not a negative thing.

MYTH #5: It's a one-time thing. TRUTH: Accountability is ongoing. You have to constantly check with yourself to see if you are on the right track.

3 Mistakes:

MISTAKE #1: Not tracking your progress.

Not tracking your progress is a big mistake when taking accountability. If you don’t track your progress, you cannot hold yourself accountable for the goals you were supposed to have completed.

MISTAKE #2: Only having one plan. Only having one plan sets you up for failure. You need to have a backup plan in case the original one falls through. If you only have one plan and it falls through, it will take longer to accomplish your goals.

MISTAKE #3: Procrastinating.

Procrastinating is also a big mistake. Procrastinating your plans may cause you to not stay on track with your timeline for your goals. This can really set you back and if you don’t take responsibility for procrastinating, your goals may not be met.

3 Tips:

TIP #1. Create a timeline for your goals. Making a timeline for your goals allows you to know when each goal should be completed. When you know something needs to be done by a specific time, it will hold you accountable for that. If you miss your deadline, you will need to hold yourself responsible and ask yourself why the goal was not completed.

TIP #2: Celebrate accomplishing your short-term goals. Celebrating accomplishing your short-term goals can help you stay motivated to complete your long-term goal. This will help keep you on track and will make you more likely to be responsible about your other goals.

TIP #3: Review how you're doing on a regular basis.

Reviewing how you are doing on a regular basis will also help you hold yourself accountable. If you are not achieving what you wanted to be achieving, again you need to evaluate what is going on and why your goals are not being met.

General Advice:

Create a long-term goal. Having a long-term goal that you are working towards can help keep you accountable for your actions. You will have to constantly ask yourself if what you are doing will help you in the long run to achieve your goal.

Establish short-term goals to help complete your long-term goal.

Short-term goals will also be a great help. These goals will keep you on track to achieve your long-term goal. They will also help you to not feel discouraged as you work to achieve your long-term goal, as you will have a sense of accomplishment every time you complete one of these short-term goals.


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