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Being a Team Player: Myths, Mistakes, and Tips

This week we will be discussing some ways to be a team player. Sometimes it can be hard to coordinate and communicate with everyone in a group, so we will be sharing some advice on how you can be a better team player.

5 Myths:

MYTH #1: Conflict is bad.

TRUTH: Conflict is not always bad. Sometimes a disagreement on where things should head is a great way for new ideas to be formed. Don’t be scared to disagree with your team, it could lead to something great!

MYTH #2: It is always easy. TRUTH: Being a team player is not always easy. Sometimes you get put with a bad team or you do not get along with everyone the way you thought you would. You just have to take it in stride and remember that you can handle it.

MYTH #3: You need to know everything.

TRUTH: You don’t have to have knowledge about everything to be a good team player. Use your skills to your advantage and collaborate with your team for the things you aren’t so sure about.

MYTH #4: You have to like everyone on your team.

TRUTH: You may not like everyone on your team and that is okay. You do have to respect them and communicate with them though. You have to put your feelings aside and do what is best for the team as a whole.

MYTH #5: You have to be extroverted.

TRUTH: A big misconception is that you must be extroverted to be a good team player. You do not have to be an extrovert to help your team. Everyone has their own skill set and you can use yours to be a good team player regardless of whether you’re introverted or extroverted.

3 Mistakes:

MISTAKE #1: Not communicating.

Communication is one of the biggest aspects in being a team player. The team suffers if no one communicates what they are doing and just does their own thing. You need to communicate to be a good team player.

MISTAKE #2: Competing instead of collaborating.

To be a good team, everyone needs to collaborate with each other. There is no need to compete as everyone should want to help each other. Competition ruins morale and splits a team apart.

MISTAKE #3: Not planning ahead.

Without planning, everyone just does their own thing. This can create a bad outcome as no one is on the same page about what is going on. Again, communication is key. You need to plan with your team what role everyone will play so that everyone is on the same page, and you get the best outcome.

3 Tips:

TIP #1: Celebrate your teammates’ accomplishments.

Celebrate when someone on your team accomplishes something. This ensures that your team knows you have their back and are not competing with them. Positivity goes a long way, and this can really boost morale on the team.

TIP #2: Be flexible. Not everyone works the same way. You have to be flexible when it comes to working styles as well as flexible in general. You never know what will happen, so being able to adapt is very helpful.

TIP #3: Use your strengths. Use your strengths! Everyone has a different skill set, so use the skills that you have to make your team better.

General Advice:

Hold yourself accountable.

Holding yourself accountable is the best way to be a team player. If you mess something up, own it. Don’t push your mistakes or tasks onto anyone else in your group.

Be positive. Being positive is a great way to be a team player. No one wants to work with someone who is negative about everything. Positivity goes a long way.

Actively listen to others. Listen to others! Remember this is a team and other people have ideas too. Some of the best ideas may come from other people, so remember to listen.


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